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crafting digital experiences to engage and captivate your audience, whatever the device.


helping you build a relationship with your customers that will last a lifetime.

Graphic Design

from pixels to points, we can craft outside your digital world.


providing you with the right tools for the job, whilst supporting you for the long term.

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What we’re talking about

SEO predictions

Review of SEO Predictions

At the start of 2017, we decided to review what the priorities were last year, according to the pundits. We found that by and large, the predictions were good but the order and significance were wrong. Here’s what our SEO priorities are now:



We’re moving into a mobile-first world

No longer are phones simply used to make calls and to text. Our whole lives can be programmed into our phones; contacts, shopping, eating, workouts, music, social media, emails, photography, banking… you get the picture.

Hand-held devices have become such a big part of our lives that it comes as no surprise that mobile has also been dominating the internet over the last couple of years and this isn’t about to change anytime soon. In fact mobile has completely taken over, that Google will no longer be showing desktop sites as primary results.


web application for CEC TMS

Cutting-edge statistical analysis web application for CEC TMS


CEC is the coordinating European Council of the Motor and Petroleum industries for performance tests. The CEC Test Monitoring System (TMS) web application is used across the globe to validate test results for fuels, lubricants, and additives using complex control and discrimination charts. More than 50,000 test results are stored for 29 test types. The application is used by chemists, laboratory managers and statistical analysts.



Be on top, be responsive!

Responsive web design (RWD for short) isn’t exactly the ‘new kid on block’, it has been around for quite some time now but there are still websites out there that aren’t responsive.



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