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What's going on?

New branding

After 15 years of business we thought it was time to reinvent ourselves. The web has changed a lot since we started all those years ago, and we strive to reflect this in what we already offer and the way that we appear to our current (and future) customers.

We are still the same company doing what we love, but doing it better than ever before.

New digs

common farm, barton road, carlton, cv13 0rl, united kingdom

We are working with some great new customers, but with that has come the need to improve our working environment by giving us room to think, create and innovate. We have now moved to our bigger and better office at Common Farm, on the outskirts of Market Bosworth.

Our team can now enjoy the country air whilst looking out over the picturesque scenary — it's great for helping the creative cogs turn!

So, who are we?

We are PDC Internet Solutions – fun, energetic, creative craftsmen that have a passion for all things digital. Excelling in crafting digital experiences to engage and captivate our targeted audiences, whatever the size and the device. We help you build that lasting relationship with your customers that keeps them coming back for more.

Like we said, same great company just a bit better looking.

So, is this it?

Not by a long shot! It's all hands on deck at the moment and we wanted to get the message out that things are changing around here. We are working on our new website as you are reading this and, we promise you, it is going to be all kinds of wonderful!

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