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Cenex-Events – The LCV & CAM Event

We have worked with our friends at Cenex for over 10 years on their LCV & CAM event held every year at UTAC Millbrook.

  • Cenex
  • Printwork
  • Website
  • Social Media & Mailer Graphics

Cenex Events incorporates four key features: Technology exhibition split over three halls; Extensive seminar programme; Facilitated networking; Ride & drive of the latest research & development and commercially available vehicles.

We support Cenex with their event, and part of this support involves providing the designs for the printwork; from the event Showguide, to signage around the venue, as well as ongoing updates to the website displaying the different stages of the event throughout the year.

The Showguide

For many years we have created the Printwork for the event, and this has adapted to the success of Cenex-Events over the years, with the Showguide developing from A5 to A4 to incorporate the expanding halls and seminars.

The Sales Prospectus

The Sales Prospectus is one of the first stages of the event each year where the new floorplans and the stand costs are displayed. After the designs are signed off, the prospectus is made publicly available on the website for those interested in attending the event.

The Exhibitor Manual

The exhibitor manual covers topics such as timetables, deadlines and contact details. It also contains an A-Z of general information for the exhibitors, as well as the terms and conditions of the event.

Flyer & Adverts

Using the assets created for the branding across digital and print, we create adverts in A5 and A4 to advertise the event.

Venue Signage

Around UTAC Millbrook we help to provide designs for signage where needed, including the inside and outside Welcome walls and venue stage panels.

Mailers & Social Post Graphics

As there are different stages of the event throughout the year, we create a variety of social graphics and mailer headings for each stage; date announcements, registration, call for speakers/presenters/exhibitors and ‘we are speaking/presenting/exhibiting’ graphics for each to display on their own platforms.


We designed and developed the Cenex-LCV website in 2017 when we did a brand refresh, as the old look was very outdated. Since then, it’s been made into a sister site with Cenex-CAM when the event became dual-branded.

The website evolves throughout the year at different stages of the event mentioned above – whether it’s registering at the start, or viewing the seminar programme as it gets closer to the event.

Building a lasting relationship

We have been working with Cenex for over 15 years now and have built a strong relationship, becoming one of the team. Over time we have helped Cenex with multiple projects, including websites, print media and event support. Having built a trusting relationship, Cenex decided it was time to update their LCV website, ready for the LCV2017. Since then, the website has grown and developed to where we are today, and we are really proud of what we have achieved together.

Take a look at the event website here: