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To ChatGPT or to not ChatGPT, That is the Question

Is AI set to take over the world? Maybe not quite, but ChatGPT has certainly brought the idea closer in our minds

ChatGPT is the perfect tool for anyone looking to create natural-sounding conversations with AI! With its easy-to-use interface and powerful features, ChatGPT makes it easy to generate realistic conversations in no time.

Sounds good…. Right? Like we wrote it…?

Well in case you were wondering how useful ChatGPT can be, we got it to write the intro above for this post – but the question is could you tell? Now we know this is only a small paragraph, but apart from it may be appearing slightly bias towards the capabilities of ChatGPT it sounded pretty plausible.

In the news

ChatGPT has been a hot topic in the news over the recent weeks, and today there has been a story about graduate #PieterSnepvangers using the tool to write his 2000-word university essay in 20 minutes – and passed!

While the possibilities are exciting, cases like these prove that the new tech provides mechanisms for all to generate content quickly and efficiently. Is this using your intuition or is this cheating? This, we feel is open to debate and a debate that will be accelerated by academia and businesses alike.

What does this mean for society?

The thoughts running around our minds already:

  • Students producing non-original content to gain accreditations and qualifications is going to be big issue, where does that sit morally and ethically?
  • What could AI mean for business and employees?
    • Employees producing content for businesses will little to no thought
    • Businesses utilising AI to generate content for them rather than employees


What does the future hold for this tech?

Could this mean the end to amazing copywriters and content marketers? Or will content become more generic and less original? How accurate and powerful will AI become?

This is a very thought-provoking subject and one we intend to research and explore further, but for now, we leave you with this:

We know what you are all asking yourselves … is this ChatGPT, or is this PDC….?