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Top 5 Social Trend Predictions for 2022

Following on from our last blog – Social Media in 2021, we wanted to have a look at what social trends are predicted for the next 12 months. Here are our top five social trend predictions for 2022.


We may as well start with TikTok, as it seems to be the most common answer when researching social trends for 2022.

As mentioned before, TikTok’s rise in popularity just keeps on growing and doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon. In fact the short-form video platform is setting the trend for other social platforms, forcing them to create new features (such as Instagram Reels) that are similar to TikTok’s own.

What may have started out as a social platform for general entertainment use, is now used by a wide audience, including businesses in a variety of industries.

Plus, with so many editing tools, TikTok is a great way for a business to get creative and experiment in using video as part of their content creation.


Video content for socials has been on the rise over the last couple of years, but with TikTok being so popular, videos are now THE go-to when people are scrolling through platforms.

Whether it be Facebook, Instagram, or any other of the big social media channels, they are all developing their features to include both long form and short form videos.

Creating a video that is 15-60 seconds long, could generate way more engagement than a standalone image.

Your video content doesn’t need to be all bells and whistles or recorded on a super fancy camera either! A simple video recorded on a mobile phone device can actually come across as more ‘personable’ and ‘relatable’ to your audience.

Bite-sized Content

We live in a world where everything has become overcrowded, and that includes our social platforms. With so many connections to different people and organisations, it can be hard to not only grab someone’s attention whilst they’re scrolling, but to keep the attention too!

That’s why bite-sized content is becoming another main focus for social content.

No one seems to have the time to read long blog posts anymore (if you’ve made it this far in the blog, bravo!). Audiences want to know what the information is and they want it there and then.

We’re not saying to cut out the long form content such as news and blogs but making quick and easy to read content is what will grab an audience’s attention on social media.

Inclusion & Diversity

Making social content inclusive is a must for 2022.

The social world is full of audiences of different ages, races, gender, religion and so on, and there is no ‘one box fits all’.

As humans, we need to appreciate and respect the diversity of others and do so by creating content that is inclusive.

However, being diverse and inclusive doesn’t mean jumping on a trending hashtag. Inclusion and diversion need to be a part of your business’ ethics and strategy – including your social strategy. Don’t just ‘talk the talk’, show your audience a commitment and the actions your organisation is taking.

Influencing & Collaborating

If a child told you 10years ago they wanted to be a social influencer when they grew up, you’d have probably laughed and thought it was a ‘silly’ job. Roll on 2022 and there are now millions of successful influencers all over social media (probably including that child from 10years ago!).

Influencers have changed the shape of social media and have forced brands and marketing teams to change their ways of promoting.

Most successful influencers have a niche, whether that be fashion, travel, food, or fitness, and the brands/products they share to their socials are seen by vast audiences.

But it isn’t all about the number of followers. It’s important to pick the right candidate for the item/experience being promoted. If a brand decides to collaborate with an influencer, concentrate on their voice and morals rather than how many people follow them.

To Conclude

There is a lot to come for 2022 in the world of social, and these are just some of our predictions for now! Let’s see how these predictions play out throughout the year.

If you would like a hand in building a social strategy, and/or would like someone else to take the reins in your social media management, drop us an email! We have supported numerous businesses over the years with their social content, helping them to grow their social presence whilst developing their strategy over time, following the trends of online content.