Social Media


Social media, the perfect opportunity to boost engagement with your current and desired customers! Everyone has some sort of social media platform these days so why wouldn’t you use it to promote your business?

No longer are search engines the only place to find businesses, social media platforms are being used more and more to find businesses for people’s needs. Why? Social media generally tends to be more updated than any website on the web. People can view a business profile and keep up to date with offers and information on a daily basis.

Keeping on top of your social media isn’t always easy when you’re busy juggling a business, but our social media team can help take off some of the pressure by offering help in social media management and social media training. Better yet we will assist you in developing a content marketing strategy that will make your business social media thrive!

Social Media Management

We have a great deal of experience in managing social media campaigns with various clients, integrating as part of the team. Our varied skill set, including content writing, SEO, graphic design and web development enables us to produce creative, relevant, valuable and engaging social media campaigns. A number of clients are using PDC to manage their social media campaigns and are pleased with the results.

In the early days, social media was often used as a broadcasting tool, showcasing products & services with the aim of driving people back to your website. While it is ok to broadcast services messages intermittently, the hard sell approach is now gone and it is very easy to switch people off.

Producing engaging content is key. Helpful content that helps, solves a problem or gives the audience a better understanding without the hard sell approach.  The use of visuals (images and infographics) and especially videos add interest and increases the chance of someone clicking and having a look.

Social Media Training

Should you wish to receive social media marketing training and manage your campaign yourself, we regularly give training and can tailor a course specific to your needs.

At the end of the workshop you will end up with a digital media strategy plan and the means to execute it.

Social media management campaigns designed to suit your business, increase reach and sales. Contact us to find out more