We’re moving into a mobile-first world


No longer are phones simply used to make calls and to text. Our whole lives can be programmed into our phones; contacts, shopping, eating, workouts, music, social media, emails, photography, banking… you get the picture.

Hand-held devices have become such a big part of our lives that it comes as no surprise that mobile has also been dominating the internet over the last couple of years and this isn’t about to change anytime soon. In fact mobile has completely taken over, that Google will no longer be showing desktop sites as primary results.

I don’t have a mobile-friendly site, does this matter?

Satisfying your customer

As a business, the most important goal you should have is to satisfy your customers and give them what they are after.

You could own the best take away service in your area; everyone raves about how great your food is and how clean your kitchen is so you are always getting customers into your shop to order food. However, the thing letting you down is your online take away service. Yes you have a website and a couple of years ago you were getting quite a few orders through online, however you have noticed that the online orders have begun to decrease meaning you are losing valuable custom.

In this day and age, nobody can be bothered to have the hassle of desktop websites whilst browsing on their mobiles; instead they simply find a site that is mobile friendly and use that.

Suffering the consequences of Google

As we have already mentioned, Google will no longer be showing desktop sites as primary results so the quicker a site becomes mobile-friendly, the better the rankings and the more the visitors.

Google knows how demanding the use of mobile is for browsing so it is building a web culture that revolves around serving users who want answers and information immediately, so if you want your site to be within those search results, it is important to abide by Google’s rules!

I’m not sure if my site is mobile-friendly?

An easy way to test if a site is suitable for the use on a mobile is to use Google’s mobile-friendly test. Simply enter the URL of the site you are testing into the box provided and it will tell you whether or not the site is mobile-friendly.


In need of some guidance

At PDC our team has years of experience in SEO and content optimization, and are constantly up to date with algorithm updates. So if you are in need of some guidance or advice on mobile-friendly, contact us at hello@pdc.is.