Video Marketing will be even bigger in 2017


Unless you have been sitting in a dark room throughout 2016 and even 2015, you will know that video has become a huge trend; on social media, on websites and even in your emails.

They are everywhere on the web! How often do you scroll through Facebook and NOT see a funny cat video (admit it, you stop scrolling to watch it). Not only have online videos become more and more popular for ‘the fun of it’ but they have also grown massively within the world of digital marketing.


So why are videos so popular in marketing?

According to an info graphic posted by HubSpot last summer, videos had boosted engagement and conversation across different digital platforms:

Email – videos lead to 200-300% increase in click-through rates

Landing pages – videos could increase conversion by 80%

Page ads – adding a video to a full page ad could boost engagement by 22%

E-commerce – 64% of users are more likely to purchase a product online after seeing it on a video

With that in mind, it’s clear to see why videos have become such a success on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and not forgetting the king of videos, YouTube. All of which can be used by businesses in their marketing strategy.

Why will 2017 be any different?

With videos being such a success throughout 2016, there is no doubt that they will be even bigger throughout 2017. 


As we mentioned before, how often do you scroll through Facebook and not see a video? It comes as no surprise that video views on Facebook have dramatically increased from 1 billion views to 8 billion views in just one year!

Along with their live video and 360 video features, Facebook are going to continue investing in video during 2017. Who knows what features they’ll come up with next!

Virtual Reality

Though more of a ‘want’ than a ‘need’ right now, virtual reality headsets are becoming the ‘in thing’ for consumers.

Not all businesses will jump onto the VR trend as there is no use for them in their industry, however others could benefit from VR quite nicely if they market their products right.


Have you noticed an inflation of videos that are being used as homepage banners on different websites? (Visit our homepage if you haven’t…).

Although great imagery is still a big hit on web homepages, good videos can not only add some interest to a site, but they can also tell a viewer exactly what it is the business is offering without having to scroll or click anywhere on the page.


In early 2016, Instagram updated its app to allow users to post 60-second videos instead of the previous 15-second videos. This has had a huge impact on users and businesses who use videos as a part of their marketing. Many users now use Instagram for their marketing campaigns such as ‘how to’ videos to engage their audience and allowing them to give their audience a better understanding of what they do and how they can help.

Instagram also added ‘stories’ to their app, allowing users to post videos that would then disappear after 24hours. This meant users did not have to fill their Instagram feed with multiple videos at a time, especially if they were being used for an advertisement that was only relevant in that particular moment.

Speaking of ‘in that particular moment’, Instagram have confirmed they are working on live video similar to Facebook Live. Though they have not said when the feature will become available, we would imagine it would be sooner rather than later in order for them to keep up with 2017’s video trends!

Need some marketing help?

So now that you know video is about to be set even bigger, add video content to your 2017 marketing strategy! Need some help? That’s what we are here for!

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