What Makes a Good Business Blog?


Writing a business blog sounds easy enough, you write a few paragraphs, maybe add some images then post, right?… WRONG!


There is actually more to writing a business blog than you think.  Successful business bloggers all have two things in common; their blogs include relative and engaging content on a regular basis.

Business blogs vary from blogger to blogger as each business will have their own style of blogging, and the audience groups will be different too. However some principles of writing a good blog remain the same:

  1. Topic area – Make sure the topic area relates to your business. There is no point talking about the best cat food on the market if you’re a TV salesman!
  2. Easy to read – Make your blog easily readable. Split text into easy read paragraphs, or include bullet points or numbers. The easier the text is to read, the more likely a reader is to read ALL of the blog post.
  3. Interesting title – Keep it short, and give the reader what they’re looking for. Maybe use a question readers are likely to ask, or even give them an answer straight away.
  4. Post regularly and consistently – Set out a plan of when you should post and stick to it! It could be once a week or three times a week, just make sure it is consistent.
  5. Give an option – Don’t make your readers sign up or log in to anything straight away, instead, give an option to sign up at the END of a blog post.
  6. Increase reach and engagement – Are you wanting readers to visit your website/social media channels? Then tell them! Include links back to your website and Social media icons- Make it EASY for the readers.
  7. Use appealing images – Use images where need be and make sure they are relative to the text. Don’t go overboard either, one appealing image is much more attractive than five blurred images.
  8. Be human – Write as if you were speaking to another person, we’re humans, not robots!