It’s ok to have a re-brand!


Over the last 5 years we have seen an increase in companies who have moved forward with the times with a re-brand of their company.

As time has gone on, branding has become a lot simpler in design compared to years ago when logos were crammed with detailed images and typography. Now logos are seen to have flat designs with minimal detail and simplistic typography with only the essential assets within the logo.

Even the big boys re-brand


Large companies like Co-op and Irn-Bru have made the decision to have a re-brand in the last couple of months.

Now this logo may look familiar to some people, that’s because Co-op decided to have a re-brand but bring back their 1960s 4 leaf clover logo rather than have a complete re-design.

There aren’t many businesses who would make this move but the designers behind the branding felt that the 1960s logo (which was originally drawn by hand) would bring back memories of local shops for the older generations whilst it appears to be a fresh and modern look for the younger generations.

So far the re-brand has had a great response from research groups as well as consumers. The old, well… new logo, has been used across products, transport, uniforms and building fascias.

As mentioned, Irn-Bru have also had a re-brand lately which also incorporates some memorable features from their past branding.

The new logo has dropped the heavy black outlined text along with the shadow effect. Now the design appears with flatter typography along with less imagery but has still kept the famous orange and blue colours (plus silver for the sugar free version to differentiate the two).

As for the imagery, Irn-Bru has incorporated a girder emblem icon inspired by their original slogan ‘Made in Scotland from Girders’ as well as keeping the ‘strong man’ icon which has been re-drawn for a more modern approach to the design.

So even though both Co-op and Irn-Bru have had a re-brand, they are both still recognisable and have kept some history within their new designs.

Should you consider a re-brand?

Not everyone needs to re-brand straight away, some companies will wait 10yrs to have a re-brand! It all depends on the company, the industry and the circumstances of the company.

Having a re-brand could open doors to new opportunities:

  • Have different sectors within your business? A re-brand can allow you to expand the business and have connecting logos for each sector.
  • It shows you are keeping with the times and up to date with the rules of the web.
  • Let’s not forget the re-brand campaign that you can splash all over social media to grow your audience and gain new business!
  • Stand out from your competitors! Make your name memorable for your target audience.
  • Make your branding responsive so it can be recognised on different devices.

We have plenty of experience in helping companies with branding so if you’d like give your business a boost in branding then give us a call or drop us an email!