Be on top, be responsive!

We have said goodbye to the days when everyone used desktops for their first port of call for using the web. Today the main source of web usage is through portable devices such as smart phones and tablets meaning responsive designs are constantly in demand.

Responsive simply means a design that automatically adjusts to fit any size screen, allowing for fast and easy navigation around a website or application on any kind of device.

Being responsive makes life so much easier as not only are they user friendly but they are also much easier to manage, less time consuming and great for Google rankings.

Responsive web design is constantly rising due to the use of mobiles and tablets. Responsive web design is all about creating such websites which automatically configure themselves to look excellent on all kinds of devices, from larger desktops to smart phones and tablets – the most significant trend in user experience.

Studies have shown that people are more likely to browse your web site on their phone or tablet instead of their desktop computer simply because it is more convenient .With the majority of internet usage now coming from mobile phones it is no surprise that responsive sites are constantly in demand.

Many users say they will not recommend your business if it has a poorly-designed mobile siteThe look of a website is very important thing to think about when designing a responsive website,and  it is the user experience that needs to be the high priority.

It’s not just the user who likes responsive either, Google loves it! Web sites that are not mobile-friendly can now be penalised, and have poorer search rankings. In fact, Google will analyse the ‘mobile’ version of your site first when deciding upon your search ranking.

Having one web site which handles all output formats saves money,  and obviates the need for multiple web addresses. Hence you only need one SEO campaign.

It’s no secret that the mobile revolution has been in full force for quite some time now.. People are buying online and they are using their tablets and smart phones to make those purchases. To get your customers  even more comfortable in doing so responsive design is a must.

If your customers are finding your business and making purchases through the use of tablets and mobile devices then your conversion is increasing. You will see the result in an increase in sales.

We understand responsive design like the back of our hand, after doing our research and putting what we had learnt into practise, we were very quick to embrace the rising trend back in 2011, meaning we have plenty of experience in designing responsive websites and web applications.

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