Simple and responsive: The way forward for logos


A logo is probably the most important part of your business’ branding. It defines who you are and separates you from all other businesses.


Turn back time and business’ simply used logos for print media and signs for shop displays but today logos are used on a much larger scale for different kinds of media.

Design is no longer just about how ‘pretty’ a website may be, designs now have to be responsive in order for them to be used across multiple devices. This goes for logos too. Gone are the days when a logo would be really fancy and detailed.

Today’s ‘moto’ let’s call it, is to keep designs simple and responsive, but how does a logo fit into this?

Well it is no secret that multiple big brands have jumped on the band wagon to make their logos both simple and responsive. Take Google for example:


Google’s logo history from 1998 – Today

As the years have gone by, Google’s logo has gained a much more simpler design. You are still able to define the logos as Google as the redesigns are always subtle and they stick to their iconic colours, so they never lose they’re identity.

They have also created an even simpler design to be used on a smaller scale, again still keeping in line with the iconic colours.


A few other brands logos that have been simplified and made to be responsive can be seen at

So should you think about redefining your logo?

Well it depends, do you or will you soon have a responsive website? If so, then yes it would probably be a good idea to also include a responsive logo as not only does it make the design of a website look better, but it also looks good from a Google’s optimisation point of view.

Maybe not at moment, but in the future it will come as no surprise that all businesses will need to require a responsive design of some sort as the use of smart devices rises even more so.

Here at PDC we have a creative team who are experts in brand identity so if you are looking to redefine your logo, give us a call.