Cutting-edge statistical analysis web application for CEC TMS

web application for CEC TMS

CEC is the coordinating European Council of the Motor and Petroleum industries for performance tests. The CEC Test Monitoring System (TMS) web application is used across the globe to validate test results for fuels, lubricants, and additives using complex control and discrimination charts. More than 50,000 test results are stored for 29 test types. The application is used by chemists, laboratory managers and statistical analysts.

The Challenge

We took over the TMS in 2008 and developed a new application based on an existing database, so that we could integrate with a 3rd party charting software package. The application went through a number of changes and improvements over 8 years to make it more robust and reliable. However, as time progressed, the time and cost to continue development on this platform was outweighing the benefits… At the same time, coding techniques and technologies had advanced massively. As a result, in 2016, we were asked to carry out a complete overhaul of the application. The objectives were:

  • Make it quicker and easier to enter valid data.
  • Simplify the database structure.
  • Simplify navigation structure
  • Extended charting for new, more complex test types.
  • Improve tracking and reporting of labs and test performance.
  • Improve application security and user management.
  • Provide a platform that is easy to both extend and maintain in the future.
The Solution

Using the latest coding standards, CEC TMS was completely rewritten from the ground up utilising the advances in browser and server technology. We were able to generate highly complex and full featured charts using SVG and JavaScript, removing the need for a costly third-party application, whilst performing resource heavy, statistical calculations and data interrogation in a fraction of the time of its predecessor – all on any device. All this allows CEC’s analysts greater flexibility in generating, analysing and inputting data, as well as providing a secure, scalable platform for additional test types and data in the foreseeable future.

The Benefits
  • Improved user experience from simplified user interface and application speed.
  • Responsive design optimised for a wide range of resolutions; Mobile to high resolution displays.
  • Greatly improved charting features
  • Better analysis and tracking of test performance.
  • Simplified site navigation.
  • Improved authentication.
  • Reduced admin costs.
  • Reduced software licence costs.
  • Reduced time to add new test types.
  • Faster development and deployment of features.

“The new TMS web site is an important mechanism for improving both our own internal quality control and also the wider reputation of CEC test procedures.” – Peter Tjan – CEC Chairman

“The new TMS web site is a step forward in providing better facilities for users to enter and manage test data and for our analysts to ensure the quality of CEC test results  The outcome was excellent, and I think the technology is a very sound basis for future development.” – Chris Gray, CEC Statistical Development Committee

“Thanks so much – the big thank you is of course for the PDC team! It’s always such a pleasure to work with you and we appreciate so much the knowledge you have, the fast responsiveness and the kindness. And this all showed again in this project!” – Sofie Peeters, CEC Secretariat

“I’ve looked at the charts and they seem to work well.  I like the look and layout.” – Dani Fiddaman, Infineum

“Thank you for your work on the New TMS! It certainly looks and feels 2016 “. – Peter Mulder, Chevron

“All seems to work and appear clear and straight forward on both the control and discrimination charts”. – Doug Hunt, Afton Chemical

“Just to let you know I’ve used the “new look” TMS for the first time today.  Just wanted to pass on my comments over the re-design.  I found the site very easy to navigate around. I had no problems with uploading my results.” – Phillip Worboys, Lubrizol

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